Green Indoor ONIX Balls - SALE PRICE !
Green Indoor ONIX Balls - SALE PRICE !

Green Indoor ONIX Balls - SALE PRICE !

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Why it's a Pickleball Paradise Favorite Ball:

The Pickleball Now green pickleball is an indoor / outdoor ball that is designed to be quieter.  The softer material of the green ball gives it a higher bounce.

It also lasts two times longer than the standard yellow outdoor ball.  These balls are specifically-engineered for pickleball. They are manufacturerd using patented machinery that drills a perfectly-round hole into evey ball. The advantage of this technology is that the ball gives a truer bounce and is less likely to crack at the seams of the round holes. They are lighter than official outdoor balls and are easily influenced by the wind, so adjust your game to accomodate the change in the flight of the ball. While these are primarily indoor balls, they do work in outdoor conditions,

The Pickleball Now Indoor Ball  has slightly thinner and harder plastic than the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs. This makes it a winning combination with the durability of outdoor balls and the large holes of indoor balls. The surface of this ball is very slightly textured which allows the ball to “grip” the smooth indoor gym floors, thus improving the ball’s bounce and liveliness.

The Pickleball Now Indoor Ball measures 2.875” in diameter making it the same size as the Jugs Indoor Pickleballs. These balls weigh 22 grams and have a 30-inch bounce which may help the ball travel faster through the air. This ball’s hardness measures the same as the popular outdoor balls, so rest assured that these balls can stand the test of time.

Here's the Whole Pickle:

  • We sell them in smaller quanitites so you can try it out.
  • Engineered for pickleball
  • Bright apple green color makes it easy to see
  • Better balance
  • Better flight
  • Better bounce
  • Meets USAPA requirements
  • The more you buy, the more you save. Quantity discounts available. Save 5% by buying 6.  Save 30% by buying 12 
Technical Specs:
  • Weight: .22 grams/.77 ounces 
  • Diameter: 2.875” 
  • Bounce (from 75 inches on concrete floor): 30 inches 
  • Hardness (durometer D scale at 75-80 degrees): 48-50


Pickleball Story:

At Newport Beach, California, neighbors were complaining about the noise from the pickleball courts.  The city accomodated the neighbors concerns by installing acoustical screens but the noise persisted.  These green balls have reduced the noise significantly.  Players report they also enjoy the new balls, points last longer and it's easier to see the balls.