Pickleball Camps

There's no better way to learn pickleball and improve your game than go to an intensive but fun camp. Camps are designed to assign players of the same skill level to help you work on your specific needs, learn court positioning, shot selection, videotape you in action, and more.  Social activities include team building outings, meals and lots of laughter.  Equally important, you will get to add people of your same ability to your pickleball circle.

Costa Rica Pickleball Camps

Amazing scenery and coaches.  Great excursions and lodging.

Bobby Riggs Pickleball Camps- Encinitas CA

Great teaching, great facility, great weather, and location.  

Smart Level Pickleball Camps

Nationwide pickleball camps, great instruction, a variety of locations

Scott Moore Pickleball Camps

Aspen Kern Pickleball Camp- Philadelphia

Pickleball Training Camp at the Green Valley Country Club. Come to Philadelphia August 17th-19th to learn from the best pro players in the world! Pros: Ben Johns, Kyle Yates, Christine McGrath and myself 

Engage Pickleball Camps & Clinics


  • Camps are open to all skill-levels
  • Individuals are always placed in groups with others of similar skill-level.
  • Small group sizes are always guaranteed
  • Personal attention is given to improve your game
  • One-on-one time with the Pro instructors.
  • Playing strategies are the key focus (so you always leave playing better).
  • Video Analysis (with multiple camera views) and written feedback that you take home with you

Where else can you be taught by this level of talent and expertise with input from the top winners in the game...


  • Jul 10 - 12, 2018 Lake Odessa, MI (Grand Rapids) 2-day Camp (12+ hrs of strategy) and offering a 1-day (3) Hour Tune-up Clinic.  Learn More    Book Now.
  • Sep 1 - 8, 2018 (Caribbean Cruise - Exclusive Yacht Club Travelers only).  7-day East Caribbean 'Pickleball' Cruise.  Learn More    Book Now.
  • Nov 30 - Dec 2.  3-day All-inclusive Engage Fantasy Pickleball Camp.  Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, FL.  Let us know if you are interested, contact us (and we'll call you back) by Clicking Here

Pickleball Lessons in Orange County, CA

Stop by Tustin's 12 courts and sign up for lessons