Pickleball Non-Volley Zone & Kitchen Rules -USAPA RULEBOOK 2018

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9.A. All volleys must be initiated outside of the non-volley zone.

9.B. A fault will be declared if, in the act of volleying the ball, a player or anything contacting the player touches the non-volley zone.

9.B.1. The act of volleying the ball includes the swing, the follow-through, and the momentum

from the action.

9.B.2. If the paddle touches the non-volley zone during the volley motion, before or after

contacting the ball, it is a fault.

9.C. It is a fault if the player’s momentum causes the player to contact anything that is touching the non-volley zone, including the player’s partner.

9.C.1. It is a fault even if the ball is declared dead before the player contacts the non-volley zone.

9.D. If a player has touched the non-volley zone for any reason, that player cannot volley a return until both feet have made contact with the playing surface completely

outside the non-volley zone. A maneuver such as standing within the non-volley zone, jumping up to hit a volley, and then landing outside the non-volley zone is prohibited.

9.E. A player may enter the non-volley zone at any time except when that player is volleying

9.F. A player may enter the non-volley zone before or after returning any ball that bounces.

9.G. A player may stay inside the non-volley zone to return a ball that has bounced. There is no violation if a player does not exit the non-volley zone after hitting a ball that bounces.

9.H. There is no violation if a player returns the ball while his or her partner is standing in the non-volley zone.

9.I. For non-officiated play, non-volley-zone faults may be called by any player on either team. Benefit of the doubt goes to the player who makes the call