Outdoor PickleBall-Onix Pure2

Outdoor PickleBall-Onix Pure2

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Why it's a Pickleball Paradise Favorite Ball:

The new Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Ball is the first ball specifically designed and optimized for the sport of pickleball.

The Onix Pure2  pickleball is an outdoor ball that is designed to be excellent.  The difference between the indoor and outdoor ball is the indoor balls are much larger.  They can be larger because there is no wind problem, the larger the holes the more it carries in the wind.  The softer material of the yellow ball gives it a higher bounce. It's more of a golden yellow color so it's more visible and easier to sight at dusk or dawn.

It also lasts two times longer than the standard yellow indoor ball.  These balls are specifically-engineered for pickleball. They are manufactured using patented machinery that drills a perfectly-round hole into evey ball. The advantage of this technology is that the ball gives a truer bounce and is less likely to crack at the seams of the round holes. 

 Onix2 Pure Balls have the truest flight and most authentic bounce available and featuring smaller holes and heavier weighting.

Most Consistent Flight - Perfect Round Holes Strategically Aligned
  • The Onix Pure 2 ball delivers the most consistent flight available with perfectly round holes that are strategically aligned and precision drilled for optimal balance and perfectly symmetrical ball halves that are heat welded to create an extraordinarily smooth and durable seam.
Authentic Bounce - Solid Material Retains its Shape
  • Designed specifically for the sport of pickleball, the Onix Pure 2 ball features our proprietary material formula that delivers the most consistent and authentic rebound available and maintains its shape shot after shot.
Designed to be More Wind-Resistant
  • The Pure 2 Indoor Ball was strategically designed with heavier weighting and smaller holes to drastically reduce the impact of wind during play, allowing for truer flight during windy conditions.

Here's the Whole Pickle:

  • Engineered for pickleball
  • Official ball for the tournaments in summer 2016
  • Better balance
  • Better flight
  • Better bounce
  • Meets USAPA requirements
  • The more you buy, the more you save. Quantity discounts available. Save 10% by buying 6.  Save 15% by buying 12 and more

The way to tell the difference between Onix Pure 2 and Onix Pure 1 is that Onix Pure 2 has an extra logo at the end.  Often the logo rubs off during play. We recommend taking a sharpie pen and sticking it inside the holes so it adds color and won't rub off as easily.

Pickleball Story:

We recently learned that they call these balls the "Butter Ball" in Nashville.